Project  Profiles  prepared by our Professional team  provide  broad coverage of major aspects of the project  which are based on  detailed  feasibility and survey , ultimately providing the entrepreneurs to arrive at a decision to move ahead for  next step i.e.  Towards    detailed   Feasibility  study  of the project , so as to finally conclude for final decision to set up the project.

The Project Profiles prepared by PPIPL Team shall mainly be covering the following aspects briefly :

Market Potential, Raw Material Availability, Manufacturing Process, Production  Capacity ,Technology, Availability of Raw Material And Other Inputs, Utilities- Power, Water, Fuel ;  Employment Potential- A) Skilled Manpower, B) Unskilled Manpower, Government   Subsidies/ Incentives, Implementation Period ,Project Outlay-Cost Of Project ,Means Of Finance , Working capital, Envisaged Turnover  ( 5-10 Years),Internal Rate Of Return (IRR) ,Pay Back Period ,Break-Even Point(BEP),Conclusion.

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List Of Project Profiles:

1.0 Food Processing:

1.1 Cashew Processing Plant

1.2 Dehydrated Garlic Powder Processing Unit