Project Finance is one of the key focus areas in today’s world because of continuous growth and expansion of the industries at a rapid rate. A survey said that 90% of respondents identified money as the greatest obstacle to implementation of any project.
Developing countries mobilize domestic resources for development. National budgets contain potential for savings and redistribution. Governments can make additional resources available for sustainable development by reforming their tax systems and eliminating harmful subsidies and unproductive expenses.
We at PPIPL assist the eligible borrowers/entrepreneurs to avail Project Finance in following ways :
  • Term loans
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Funding
  • Working capital
  • Overdraft
  • Cash credit
  • Business loans
  • Letter of credit facilities
  • Bill discounting
  • SME loans
  • Corporate loans
  • Housing project loans
  • Agricultural project loans
  • Loans for professionals
  • Export packing credit
  • Fleet financing
  • Lease rental discounting
  • Warehouse receipt financing
  • Food processing financing
  • Dairy loans
  • Seed capital
  • Government subsidies
Our team of Professionals having wide experience in project management,  can deliver ultimate & timely solutions for project finance at optimal costs and on suitable terms to suit your requirements with ease and disposal.